The Old Bald Rock Baptist Church           The New Bald Rock Church  in 1994

Bald Rock Baptist Church

The Bald Rock Baptist Church was founded approximately in 1861. It is Rockdale County’s first African American Congregation. The worship services were held in a Brush Harbor, under the leadership of Rev. Charles Tuggle. This temporary structure served its purpose and was located on property not owned by Bald Rock church members. During this era, slaves could not own land. It is believed that the plantation in which Bald Rock Church was located served as a place of worship for those slaves that shared the same last name as their masters. As early as 1883 Bald Rock was one of the area churches to hold church school. The original Bald Rock Church structure is located on Costley Mill Road at the Georgia International Horse Park and is now a historic site.

bald rock baptist church past history

The Bald Rock Baptist Church has been at its current location since 1994. The present Bald Rock structure was mainly built by the men of Bald Rock led by Rev. Jack Maultsby-Pastor, Deacons Robert Rome-Chairman, Frank Swift-Vice Chairman, Albert Banks, Willie Banks, Rufus Bigby, John Cox, V. Giles, Rufus Henderson, John H. Penn, Freddie Ross, Junior Robinson, Rufus Roseberry, A. R. Shaw, E. J. Shaw, and S. Strung.

bald rock baptist church past build

Former pastors were: Rev. Charlie Tuggle Baker, Young, Hayes, Webb, Allen, Henderson, Sims,Rev. G. J. Clark (54 years), Rev G. L. Shaw (11 years), Rev. E.D. Harris (22 years), Rev. Sandy Allen (1 year), Rev. C. L. Mapp (3 years), Rev Jack Maultsby (3 years) and Rev. Jessie Henry Jr. (6 months).

The church is fortunate to still have descendants from early years still worshipping and working at Bald Rock: Andrews, Baker, Banks, Bigby, Easley, Henderson, Ross, Mitchell, Penn, Rome, Roseberry, Robinson, Shaw, and Swifts.

To date our church has celebrated 158 years. We are thankful for the many blessings God has provided us under our current pastor, Sr. Pastor Christopher Shipp, leading Bald Rock for over fourteen years. Bald Rock is experiencing a growth in membership and more importantly spiritual growth. His vision for Bald Rock is outlined in Matthew 28:19. Through the aid of the Holy Spirit, we will continue to Learn the Word to Light the World.

We thank God for every year, every pastor, every ministry, every member, every soul saved and our future for the best is yet to come!


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