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As a 9 year old child, as I sat in First Corinth Baptist Church on Palm Sunday morning in Sunday School assembly, I heard an angelic ‘voice’ speak to me and say: “It’s time to make a change”. I then came forward and accepted Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior that day!

In 1975, I joined the Antioch Baptist Church North where I was licensed as a Minister of the Gospel on April 29, 1979 and was ordained to the Gospel Ministry in December of 1988 at Antioch Baptist North, in Atlanta, GA.

Ministering for 34 years and counting, God has taken me down many diverse roads. First, briefly pastoring at Cross Plains Missionary Baptist Church in Gainesville, Ga. in 1988, then serving as Assistant to the Pastor at First Missionary Baptist Church in Southeast Atlanta in 1989. From there in 1991 serving as both Assistant Pastor and Director of Christian Education at Union Missionary Baptist Church in Lithonia, Georgia and after the untimely death of our then pastor, the late Rev. John L. Freeman,

I then served as Interim Pastor at Union until they called the Rev. C. Andre Grier to the position of Pastor. From there, in 1994, God sent me to Millers Chapel Baptist Church to serve as their Director of Christian Education until in the year 2000. Also between this time, in 1996, I was blessed to serve as a substitute teacher at the Bryant Theological Seminary Extention in Atlanta in 1996 held at the Greater Ephesus Missionary Baptist Church teaching New Testament Theology. In 2000, God sent to my current place of ministry and worship at Bald Rock Baptist Church, serving under the dynamic leadership of the Rev. Christopher M. Shipp.

I’m deeply committed to livng Jehovah (Yahweh) God’s “standard of living” striving everyday to live in and by HIS love. I’ve striving to be a fit vessel for the body of Christ, and like the Apostle Paul, I purpose to “die daily” that Christ may live more in me that I can lift HIM higher and higher. I believe that it only through the love of God that we can exemplify all attributes of the “Fruit of the Spirit”. To be a “sucessful preacher, pastor or teacher, I believe every servant of Christ must strive toward “spiritual maturity”, pray without ceasing and be instaneous in seeking God’s guidance through prayer, and be led by the Holy Spirit in life and in ministry.

Education is essential to Biblical Study and proper Biblical exposition. It’s a “must” that todays church leaders be “Biblically” trained and formally educated in the Sacred Scriptures while retaining “the common touch” of love, compassion and patience toward those they minister to as well as having a deep committment toward sincere ministry and only wishing to be a servant for Christ.

The purpose and goal of sharing the information on this website is to help others to be able to communicate God’s Word with power, authority and clarity and truth. As each recepient rely on Holy Spirit of Promise and Truth, the servant of God will become thouroughly furnished toward good work in the Gospel ministry as well as a “calming, encouraging and healing balm” to some and compel others to come to know Jesus Christ both as their “Savior” and as “Lord” .</span

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