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Reverend C. H. Glover

Bald Rock Baptist Church BRBC cross

Psalm 71:7-8

“My life is an example to many, because you have been my

strength and protection.

That is why I can never stop praising you; I declare your

glory all day long.” (NLT)


Rev. C.H. Glover grew up in a Christian home. His mother, Ollie Mae Glover, was a devout Christian mother for many years.  Under that influence, Rev. Glover accepted Christ as his Savior at a young age and followed that action with believer’s baptism.

Rev. Glover surrendered to the ministry in his early twenty’s.  After accepting his call in 1968, he studied under the leadership of E. D. Harris. It was doing that time that he was trained and prepared for leadership. Rev. Glover was ordained in 1968.  His first ministerial assignment was the assistant pastor at Bald Rock Baptist Church of Conyers, GA. As he continued to grow and become known as a mighty spiritual leader, he was later called to be the assistant pastor of Macedonia and Middle Chapel of Conyers.

Continuing to walk in his calling, Rev. C.H. Glover was called to Pastor. His first pastoral position was as the Angel of Woodward Baptist Church in Atlanta, Ga. He remained there for 10 years. His responsibilities included: administrating the church membership program, including leadership; adult, youth, and children’s choirs; ensembles and special presentations; visitation, Bible teaching; working closely with youth department to plan and implement youth activities and ministries, including discipleship training, Sunday School teaching,street evangelism, and visitation.

Upon fulfilling his assignment, Rev. C. H. Glover was called to Springfield Baptist Church of Covington, GA. He remained there as Pastor for 15 years. Later, he was called to Shady Grove Baptist Church where he served for 5 years. His responsibilities were similar to the position at Woodward Baptist Church.

For the last years, Rev. C. H. Glover has continued to walk in his calling fulfilling his purpose. Though there has been many trails and obstacles, his love for God and working in the vineyard has remained unstoppable and unchanged.

In his early ministry years, Rev. C.H. Glover married Elnora.  She was a devout Christain Mother who bore him four children: Debra, Anthony, Regina and Marcus.

Overall, Rev. Glover has over 40 years of ministerial experience across all ages from children through senior adults. In addition Rev. Glover has significant background with nearly any aspect of church ministry:  music, youth, children, administration, senior adults, married, singles, preaching and teaching.

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