Pastor Christopher Shipp

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Pastor Christopher Shipp 2016
Sr. Pastor Christopher M. Shipp

Pastor of Bald Rock Baptist Church, Conyers

The ways we are raised often play a major role in how we turn out. Christopher Morris Shipp was born to the parents of Mother Minnie Ola Shipp and the late Dea. Johnnie W. Shipp Sr. He is the youngest of six children, including his twin. Under their guidance he attended and joined the Macedonia Baptist Church at the early age of nine years old. He attended Sunday School and Bible Study where he received his early biblical training and foundation. He became Sunday School Teacher and Youth Leader. He was also set aside and ordained as Deacon at his home church.

He participated in the Youth Choir and later the Senior Choir. He became Choir Director. During this time he also learned to play the piano with an interest in religious music. He developed a great love for gospel music. He played for several choirs as well as founded the Rockdale Community Choir, Newton County Community Choir, Gwinnett County Community Choir, and True Praise Ensemble.

With this foundation the Lord was truly stirring something up in him. He was called into the ministry under the leadership of Pastor George Frank Gude at his home church. Pastor Gude was a seasoned pastor and he taught him to be faithful in his calling and to the word of God. And, most of all he taught him to be a humble servant.

Rev. Shipp was called as Assistant Pastor at Early Hope Baptist Church under Pastor W. R. Chunn. While serving there God blessed him with his wife Valerie Chunn. He was then called to pastor Raymond Hill Baptist Church in Snellville where he served for 4 years.

After his time at Raymond Hill, Pastor Shipp was called to pastor Bald Rock Baptist Church February 1997. He along with his wife,Valerie Shipp, and son, Christian, faithfully serves Bald Rock. He developed the theme: Learning the Word and Lighting the World! This theme comes from Matthew 5:1-20, teaching us that we can only bring changes to the world through the word of God. This includes learning, teaching, and living according to God’s word. He believes and teaches the church that we cannot grow to the level of prosperity that God has for us unless we constantly feed ourselves with the Word.

Sr. Pastor Shipp strongly supports growing in wisdom and knowledge. He received an Associate’s Degree in Sociology from Georgia Perimeter, formerly DeKalb College. This is the influencing factor for his commitment to community outreach. He is a Bible scholar. He has completed his Bachelor’s Degree and is currently pursuing a Master’s Degree from Andersonville Theological Seminary. He encourages everyone in ministry to enhance their biblical knowledge so they can mature in their spiritual gifts and be effective leaders. He challenges all the BRBC members to learn the word so they can be effective witnesses for Christ.

While Sr. Pastor Shipp is currently bi-vocational he does not let that hinder his work for the Lord. He understands his calling and is passionate about fulfilling the assignment that God has entrusted to him. He has accomplished much in these many years in ministry and over 20 years of service to Bald Rock. He is also the moderator of the Rockdale Chapter of the Ministers Alliance. He is committed to bringing the pastors together in fellowship to unite in helping the community at large. He is also a member of the Rockdale Chapter of the NAACP. He is indeed a community leader and spokesperson. He gives God all the Glory!

Sr. Pastor Shipp is honored to Pastor Bald Rock Baptist Church. He encourages everyone to find their passion for ministry. He is truly grateful for the blessings of the Lord!

He thanks Bald Rock and community at large for their support and fellowship. May God Bless you all!



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